Vale of the Stars

Nature Retreat Centre

Restoring – Regenerating

Honouring the Earth

An Extraordinary

Energetic Space

Welcome to the Vale of the Stars, whether you are someone seeking a restorative break or a teacher seeking the perfect retreat space, we offer a unique opportunity to experience a fully environmentally sustainable project nestled in a valley of like-minded biodiversity projects.

Vale of the Stars holds an energy you can feel as soon as you walk on to the land. Peaceful yet powerful, it’s a space like no other. This is a woman owned project rooted in reconnection to the land, and committed to creating a transformational container to allow you (and your students) a deeply regenerative and healing experience.

Mountains  ·   Earth  ·   Sky


With two ancient dolmens overlooking the valley, this truly is a place of ancient power. The land is scattered with quartz, even those who aren’t usually sensitive to ‘energy’ are struck by the power they feel here.



The stunning setting in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela mountains (mountain of the stars) lends a different flavour to retreats. There’s a magic and mystery to the ancient archeology of the land – it’s a special place. We invite you to feel the rawness of nature; step back and experience the vast night skies, to contemplate the mysteries of the stars and feel swayed by the energy of the moon.

Note: We are currently in a process of development, for enquiries about retreat venue hire contact here