Nature & Biodiversity Walks

  • The Valley of Alagoas (Vale da Alagoa) is a beautifully peaceful protected area supporting
    biodiversity. Within the valley there are various eco projects, each with it’s own focus. By request,
    there can be an opportunity to view some of the projects and hear of their methods to improve
    biodiversity on their project.
  • A guided tour of some our region’s fauna and flora. Depending on the time of year, there will be
    the chance to see the large varieties of wild flowers and wild mushrooms. Observe wild animal
    tracks and evidence, in the land, of the wild boar (who are very private animals). Take your
    binoculars to view the many varieties of birds, approximately 74 species have been identified by CERVAS (Center for Ecology, Recovery and Surveillance of Wild Animals), including woodpecker, hupoobird. Look in the skies for the different varieties of birds of prey such as buzzards, eagles, ravens and owls (at night).