The Vision

Our vision is rooted in slow, integrity-driven sustainability. Powered by solar, watered by deep mountain springs, nourished by food grown on the land and prepared with love. Those who are called to be part of our collective – whether as vision-stewards, volunteers, visitors, or participants – commit to protecting the biodiversity of the landscape, and allowing the plants, stones and animals to teach us their ways.

We invite conscious retreat leaders to step into this space and experience the deep impact it has on the transformation they are called to create. Our vision is to hold space for leaders in many different modalities: practitioners of Shamanic work, breathwork, somatics, and everything in between. Participants connect very differently to work led in an earth-based, sustainable, grounded space. The energy of the land is palpable and amplifies any work undertaken here.

If you would like to engage more deeply with the project, and become one of a small group of vision-
stewards helping bring this to life: Get in contact to find out more.

We also sincerely value your support. You can support the regeneration of native forest and our tree planting by donating here: Donate.